Pr. Marcos Pereira da Silva puts a death contract on Branko.

On Sept 12, 2013; pastor Marcos Pereira da Silva, was found guilty of rape,

he received a sentence of 15 years.

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It is rather unusual for a photographer, to be able to take photos of his assassin, before he is killed; or for that matter, for a photographer to take a series of photographs of the individual who later on, would place a murder contract on the photographer.
That is exactly the case with this photo series.
“On Oct. 2009, I did a
series of photos and videos of Brazilian Pastor, Marcos Pereira da Silva, who appears on most of the photos of this series, while he visited the NY-NJ Region in Oct., 2009.
Soon after, I decided to stop doing this work, because of many illegalities witnessed of Pereira da Silva.”
Months later and until the present, Pereira da Silva, did place a murder contract on Branko, because of the information that Branko had acquired of Pereira's wrongdoings.
During the beginning of March 2012, several people have denounced Pereira da Silva in Brazil.
The charges are for child brutality, rape, killings, placing murder contracts on other individuals, etc.
One of his denouncers has called him, "one of the biggest criminal minds of Rio de Janeiro", and I, by my own experience, happen to agree.

On May 7 2013, Pastor Marcos Pereira, was arrested in Rio de Janeiro Brazil.
He is indicted for several rapes, some minors. He is also being investigated for Money Laundering for Drug Cartels, Conspiracy to commit several murders.

Several killers contracted by Pereira, continue trying to kill Branko to this date.
The FBI, Newark Police and Newark's US District Attorney's Office have done a Cover up of Pereira's Case in the US.


Branko ameaçado de morte pelo Pastor Marcos Pereira da Silva.

  Esta serie fotografica, feita por Branko, do Pr. Marcos Pereira da Silva, foi feita na area de NY-NJ, em uma visita de Pereira da Silva aos USA, na area de NY-NJ em Out. 2009.
Depois de poucos dias, decidi suspender esta
serie fotografica, porque descobri informação de Pereira da Silva, sobre ele fazer lavagem de dinheiro para narcotraficantes do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Por causa disto, Pereira da Silva tem pago assassinos para me matar, desde o començo de 2010 até o presente.
Recentemente, na cidade do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; no mes de Março 2012, tem aparecido muitas denuncias contra Pereira da Silva, por estupro, violencia infantil, ameaça de morte.

Em Março 7 2013, Marcos Pereira foi preso por varios estupros, incluindo menores. Tambem tem uma investigação de Pereira fazer lavagem de dinheiro para traficantes, conspiração de Pereira em varios assassinatos.

Varios assassinos contratados por Pereira, continuam querendo matar Branko ate a presente data.
O FBI, Policia de Newark e o escritorio do Promotor do Governo nos US em Newark, tem feito um encobertamento dos crimes de Pereira nos US e os atentados de assassinato de Pereira em contra de Branko nos US

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